March 4th, 2020

The people preaching "solidarity" want its opposite

For some months now, I've been seeing a lot of street propaganda--graffiti and stickers--promoting "solidarity". I haven't paid too much attention to these expressions or thought about them very much, other than to note that they seem idealistic. Yes, "solidarity" sounds like a nice idea: The idea of people coming together and supporting each other, being united in a particular cause or lifestyle or mindset. The problem with this idea is, of course, that not all human beings are the same or want the same thing: Human beings are naturally different from each other, and the only thing which most people really have in common is that they want to be able to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it. Other than that uniting factor--which is not really a uniting factor since people want to do different things at different times--there is not much that all human beings could be said to have in common, and so the idea of a united, "solid" humanity is a utopian one.

The other thought which occurred to me about the idealization of "solidarity" is how normative it is: In order for human beings to be united and experience "solidarity" with each other, they need to be similar to each other in a way which human beings naturally aren't, and so the only way for such a utopian ideal to really function would be to force all human beings to think, act, and live the same way. This is the main stumblingblock in any idealistic or utopian vision of the future: Such visions almost always assume that all (or at least most) human beings will embrace a specific set of values and a specific lifestyle, and that no one will want to live differently from this mainstream lifestyle. Reality has shown humanity to be highly resistant to such normative efforts. When I began seeing the word "solidarity" in connection with an organization called "Linksjugend Solid", things became clearer: The word "Linksjugend" means "leftist youth", and it is a particularly chilling moniker with which to brand oneself because it easily evokes the Hitlerjugend (Hitler youth), which was of course the youth organization of the Nazi party, which was officially known as a socialist worker's party. This is nothing new: The current leftist scene has been aligning itself remarkably closely with the ideals of the original Nazi party for a long time now, and it's become clear that the people who call themselves "anti-fascists" are actually the biggest fascists of all, because they have adopted the thinking and techniques of fascism to force people to conform to their way of thinking. The current state of the political left illustrates very clearly how readily and rapidly any kind of idealism becomes fascism, the insistence that all people must embrace this ideology or be attacked for their incorrect thinking.

The picture became even clearer to me yesterday when I saw a large placard someone has pasted on a city wall reading simply: "SOLIDARITY = RESISTANCE!" The placard was covered with pictures of the raised clenched fist which has been a widely-recognized political symbol for decades if not centuries. The self-contradiction of the poster's message was immediately apparent: Resistance requires conflict, and solidarity is the very opposite of conflict. If there is a resistance, there must be something they are resisting, meaning something they are against, and if people are "solid" with each other, they cannot be against each other. The "solidarity" movement is thus not promoting solidarity for all human beings, because if all human beings were united together, there would be nothing for them to resist; rather, what's being advertised here is solidarity for a select group of people, who are being encouraged to resist some other group of people.

With that, it becomes apparent that the call for solidarity is not a call to unite humanity, but rather a war cry, an incitement to a group of people to attack their perceived enemies. The people preaching "solidarity" want its opposite: Not unity, but conflict. The raised fist is a symbol of force and conflict, and as such, it can never be a symbol of peace, unity, or cooperation. The calls from the left are nothing less than calls to start a civil war.

And indeed, this image of the left meshes perfectly with the prototypical structure of the urban leftist: A person who sees themselves as having no future prospects and resorts to attacking "the system" as a way of life. If you don't have a job, "the system" must be at fault, and so you should commit unprovoked acts of vandalism as a way to express your discontent with that system. If the police show up and try to prevent your spree of property damage, then the police must be your enemy because they are oppressing you and your natural right to break people's windows and cover their walls with graffiti; therefore the police are evil enemies who must be fought by any means necessary, along with the wealthy whom they protect.

What we're seeing here is another manifestation of the utterly simplistic black-and-white thinking which these people adhere to, a polarizing us-versus-them mentality which neatly divides all of humanity into either good people or bad people. The thinking of these leftists is: "We oppose racism, and this alone is enough to ensure that we are on the correct side, and that all of our opinions and actions are inviolably correct. If anyone opposes us in any way and for any reason, whether in word or deed, then they must be racists and Nazis because they oppose us, and therefore we are not only morally justified but in fact morally obligated to attack them by any means possible". Then they set cars on fire, blow up mailboxes, and steal from convenience stores, convinced that their actions are right and correct because they are "anti-fascists", and anyone who tries to stop them is surely on the side of the police, the wealthy, the Nazis, and everything else that is bad and wrong and evil.

I recently saw an ad for a "Soliparty"--short for "solidarity party" and essentially a party put together by these fascist "anti-fascists"--which noted that the party would solicit donations to pay for someone's legal expenses, which were described as "Repressionkosten" (repression costs) in the ad. Presumably some noble "anti-fascist" warrior got into trouble for fighting the good fight, and is now paying for the repression which the state imposes upon them. To put it bluntly: Some punk kid did something stupid and now expects other people to pay for it. And all the while, they are convinced that they did nothing wrong; after all, they are anti-fascists! How could people who oppose fascism be wrong about anything?

Once again: The solidarity being advertised here is not something for humanity as a whole, but rather a group demanding solidarity for themselves, insisting that they are justified and correct in expecting people to unite with them and fight against some perceived enemy, which is in fact an enemy of their own creation. In reality, of course, these groups are nothing more than selfish, entitled brats with infantile black-and-white thinking that insists that they are always correct and that they deserve to have someone else solve all their problems for them. And then they call it "solidarity", because that sounds good: Solidarity means having someone else support you, pay your bills, and solve all your problems for you, right? That's what a community does, right? Don't you understand how correct and justified we are in everything we do?

Once again, I'm reminded of the famous opposites juxtaposed in 1984: "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength". To these, we can now add: Solidarity is war. And with their proclamation that "Solidarity equals resistance", the solidarists themselves have openly admitted it. So next time you see some graffiti or stickers promoting solidarity, don't be fooled: It's not a uniting cause for humanity, but a self-serving cause by people who have nothing to contribute but see themselves as justified in receiving everything. And if you don't give them everything you have, they will see themselves as perfectly justified in destroying you and everything you have for the sake of "anti-fascism".