June 4th, 2020

People are sheep in the (al)most literal sense

Usually when people say that "people are sheep", they mean that people are gullible: People will believe whatever they see in the media or what they are told by so-called "authorities", and this makes them sheep because they are unable to think for themselves. However, the more you observe humanity, the more it becomes apparent that human beings are sheep in a much more literal sense: People are actually animals whose entire purpose in life is to imitate other people's behavior and do whatever their animal impulses drive them to do. People are actually sheep in the (al)most literal sense: They are just stupid animals that can only survive by being herded around and led. The only thing that separates them from being sheep in the most literal sense is the fact that they are a different biological species: Humans are different from sheep in the same way that crocodiles are different from alligators. In every other sense, human beings are indistinguishable from sheep.

Idealists still sometimes like to believe that humanity can lead itself out of its stupor, that human beings can choose to think independently and start making good life decisions, but even with all of the information available to us, people choose to ignore that information and make deliberately stupid life decisions. Every chance they get, people just choose to degrade themselves, make themselves ignorant, and pursue short-term pleasure instead of long-term stability and understanding. This pattern reproduces itself time and time again, across all life circumstances and all world cultures: It's not specific to any economic or social class, level of education, or national or ethnic origin. All people are deliberately ignorant, stupid, and unthinking trash, worldwide.

The world's brightest people have tried many times to lead humanity out of this darkness, because people are sheep that need be herded, but every effort to lead humanity to something better has failed. People always instinctively think: "There must be more than this. There must be more to life than just trying to survive and have whatever pleasure you can for one more day". People throughout history have had this same thought, over and over. And yet they never actually come up with anything. They can come up with some nice-sounding words, but those words go nowhere, because they are empty. There is no great future awaiting humanity hiding behind some yet-to-be-discovered great idea. There are countless revolutionary ideas which have emerged in fields like politics, science, technology, and the arts, yet every time a new idea emerges, it quickly becomes irrelevant as people continue being how they were before. Every time someone comes along with a bright idea which they think will save humanity or elevate it to a higher position, the plan fails, for the simple reason that human nature remains what it is.

In places where human beings are the most free, you can most clearly see them express their true nature. Perhaps there is no place in the world where this is more true than in Freetown Christiania, the world-famous district of Copenhagen where the government's laws do not apply (or at least are not enforced), where people have essentially been given a little space of anarchy. People have successfully created an enclave of freedom, a place where they can live free of restrictions, regulations, and rules, and what do they do with that freedom? They use it to smoke marijuana. Then, after they've done that, then they smoke marijuana some more. And when they've smoked their fill, then they just go on smoking marijuana. They literally use the whole day, every day, to sit and smoke marijuana. That is their life. That's the great dream which they fought for, the outcome of their liberation: To sit outside and smoke marijuana their entire lives. This is the ultimate goal and destiny of a humanity which is set free. This is because human beings are stupid animals, incapable of finding or conceiving of any better life for themselves than just sitting idly and stimulating themselves into a stupor all day, every day.

People are irresistibly attracted to something shiny, colorful, and good-looking. When I was a child, I would sometimes read stories about people who were enchanted and tricked by shiny, colorful things, and I thought "That's just a story. People are not stupid enough to be tricked into doing things just because something looks nice", but it really works that way, even for educated adults. People are drawn like flies to places ridden with poverty and crime, just because those places have beaches and hot weather. People are drawn to people mainly based on their looks, and will try to date or even marry horrible people just because those people look good. In a world where educational television content is available, people will willingly watch the stupidest television content imaginable just because it is visually more impressive*. People are like magpies, the birds reputed to be attracted to shiny things, except that in real life, magpies are actually not attracted to shiny things, but quite the opposite: They are cautious and wary of shiny things. People are actually stupider than magpies: It is humans who are deceived by pretty exteriors, while animals have the sense to be cautious. And humans are stupid enough to believe that magpies are easily deceived by shiny things, when in fact it is human beings who are thus easily deceived.

* This includes nature documentaries, by the way. For some reason, whenever people think of "educational" television content, their first thoughts tend to go to nature documentaries, as if great life lessons can be learned from watching animals hunting and mating, but most nature documentaries are created to showcase the most impressive-looking animals or the ones with the most surprising, unusual, or otherwise striking behavior. If you consider nature documentaries to be of educational value, then ask yourself the next time you watch one: How could I use this information in my everyday life tomorrow?

People keep expecting humanity to raise itself to some higher level of awareness or living, but ask yourself: Would you expect a herd of sheep to become more enlightened and aware than they are now? No, and human beings are not any more capable of reaching a higher level of thinking, because they are physically unable to do so; even if they have the mental capacity, they lack the nature that would cause them to live that way. Trying to elevate humanity is as much a waste of time as trying to elevate any collective group of animals.

This being the case, when you understand that human beings are not just figuratively sheep, but actually sheep in every sense except for biological species, is it any wonder that governments all around the world focus just on keeping people fed, entertained, and monitored to try to keep them from doing something stupid? What else can you do with humanity? What else can you do with a planet full of unthinking creatures that only know how to consume and destroy? What other destiny or plan could there be for humanity except to treat them like a herd of stupid animals, to try to contain them, supervise them, and suppress them as much as possible?

You may suppose that you are different, that you are not like this, but this is precisely how the cycle continues: Every living thing readily convinces itself that it is not just a stupid animal like the others, that it somehow has something which others don't have, something which makes it smarter, more powerful, or otherwise more deserving of what it wants than other members of its species. But you are just a stupid animal like every other, unaware of anything except what you want. Your fate will be that of every other animal.