lateblt (lateblt) wrote,

A slogan that gives away its own downfall

The other day, I saw someone wearing a shirt with the Antifa logo on it, and beneath that, the words: "Keine halben Sachen", which translates as "No half-way things". And I realized: That is precisely what's wrong with the West today.

When you're fixing a car or painting a deck, you can take that attitude. When you're doing something practical and uncontroversial with a clear and objective goal, you can take the attitude of "Don't do things half-way". But in politics, that kind of attitude is counterproductive: Every effort to emphasize the idea of "No compromises!" only makes things worse, especially if you are trying to build a "democratic" and "diverse" society. How can you have a diversity of opinions if you demand that everyone agree with you and accept no compromises?

This is why the Antifa is such a joke. They imagine themselves to be the defenders of justice, democracy, and multiculturalism, then they demand that their vision be fulfilled 100%, no compromises. And then they wonder why "fascism" is on the rise. It's so ridiculous that it would be funny if it weren't so sad.
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