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I think I've finally become able to understand a few things about my life which have been unclear to me until this point. As an example of strangely inexplicable impulses which I have in my life, I've written in the past about my seemingly pointless desires to get things done in a hurry even though I have nothing I need or even want to do with my life. Where am I going in such a hurry? What do I need to get done so urgently? Why rush to do things when you don't need to do them quickly and don't have anything you want to do after them anyway?

The answer came quite serendipitously from my last post, in which I noted what humanity really exists for: "The highest good in humanity's life is the quiet, careful, and rational consideration, contemplation, and pondering of information, value, and justice... to acquire knowledge and understanding". This harmoniously answers the question: I am in a hurry to live my life. I do not want to wait to live my life in a mental state where I can think wisely. And humanity hinders my ability to live that way, so instinctively, I am in a hurry to get away from humanity whenever I am present among it.

I have complained about humanity many times in the past for various reasons, and I am sure that many people respond to such complaints by just rolling their eyes or feeling like it is necessary to encourage "tolerance" or whatever other words people use to justify atrocities. No doubt many people wonder why I am so bothered by humanity. If I dislike people that much, many people would ask me, why don't I just ignore them, avoid them, and live my own life? Surely I am not required or obligated to concern myself so much with the lives of others, right?

In theory, this kind of attitude could work well if there were only a few stupid people in the world. If you are having a good day and suddenly a fly starts buzzing around you, you can just shoo it away, kill it, or wait for it to fly away of its own accord, any of which are usually effective ways of dealing with a fly. You shouldn't think that a good day has been ruined because a fly buzzed around you; that would be poor adaptability. But suppose that you are in a place where there are literally millions of flies in the air, so many flies which are so densely and thickly grouped together that seeing through the air becomes difficult and walking, speaking, or thinking becomes impaired because of the sheer, constant presence of countless flies and the visual and auditory noise they produce. If you lived in this kind of circumstance all day, every day, it becomes less easy to just shoo away a fly and consider the problem thus solved.

I am sure that the analogy with human beings has not been lost on the reader. The problem is not just that people are so stupid. The problem is that there are so many stupid people. The problem is that stupid people constitute a vast majority of humanity, and their constant oppressive presence is so vile, so detrimental to life, and so ubiquitous that it becomes a problem. You can ignore one stupid person, but how do you ignore an entire world of stupid humans whose presence is so thick that you cannot walk anywhere, say anything, or do anything without being smothered by overwhelming filth?

Everyday encounters with people aside, the overwhelming presence of stupid people also has negative economic effects, because it shapes what people buy. If you go into any city and walk around, how many shops will you see which sell life essentials like oscilloscopes, protoboards, and 7400-series integrated circuits? In most cities, you are highly unlikely to spontaneously find even one single shop containing these essentials, and we live in the 21st century, a supposedly modern, civilized, digital era! Yet you will find store upon store upon store which sells clothes. Seriously, now: How many clothes do people need? Do they really need countlessly many stores selling clothing? Is this actually benefiting humanity in some meaningful way?

And then go into a bookstore and see what is being offered there. Astonishingly, bookstores still usually exist in cities (somehow people haven't been stupid enough to get rid of them yet), but if you walk into one, you'll see almost nothing but books for idiots: Just one pointless novel after another, all of which exist just to entertain readers, not to impart any useful information to them. Yes, you can still find good books in some stores if you hunt for them enough, but the sheer volume of superfluous, unnecessary garbage that you have to sift through to find anything good is a direct consequence of the fact that most people read that trash, and so would-be readers of good literature are forced to spend hours weeding through drivel to find gems. This is humanity's fault, because it is humanity which is buying those trashy books. A basic fact of economics is that if you see things being sold in shops, people are buying those things, because otherwise shops wouldn't stock items that are not selling. The ubiquitous stupidity of humanity determines what books you can find at your local bookstore, and that effect is uniformly negative.

People do not seem to understand how pervasive and oppressive the presence of constant stupidity is, because they themselves are stupid and thus consider that stupidity to be normal. I still sometimes see people wearing clothes advertising Game of Thrones, which is a pointless television show for pointless people which only serves to waste people's time, and yet people treat this kind of behavior as though it were acceptable. If someone were seen wearing a swastika on their shirt, people would react negatively to it; that person might even be attacked on the street, despite people's empty words about how "tolerance" and "freedom of speech" are important. (To people who preach "tolerance", that "tolerance" is important until they see someone with whom they disagree.) But when someone goes out in public with a shirt advertising some culture-destroying television show or playing culture-destroying rap music, which is literally a thousand times more offensive, insulting, and horrific, no one says anything about it, as if these crimes against humanity were acceptable; indeed, they start talking about "rights", as if this heap of pollution has any right other than the right to be annihilated. How could humanity have erred so disastrously?

The problem with humanity is not just that it is stupid, but that its collective biomass presents such an obstacle to good people's everyday lives that it becomes a giant mass of detritus which prevents living well. Every day, every second of every day, everywhere you go, with every step you take, your path is blocked by stupid people, your media is misinformed by stupid people, and your environment is polluted by stupid people, people who "just want to have a good time" and consider this an acceptable mission for their lives, either unaware or uncaring that this mission hinders people who want to live considerately, carefully, and conscientiously, people who want to live with wisdom, awareness, thoughtfulness, peace, and stability. The detritus of humanity is not something which can be waved away with casual, pleasant words about tolerance; it is the major oppressing force which exists in the world today. I once believed that humanity could reform itself, that human beings were capable of wanting more in their lives than just television, food, clothes, and other things which only serve to stimulate the senses. I understand now that I was wrong. You cannot solve a problem by tolerating it. You can only be free of filth by cleaning it.

As usual, I realize that many people will consider my ideas outrageous. There is a wonderful irony in this, however, for in so doing, they confirm these ideas: People are only outraged when they know that something is true. As these people scorn me and my values as repugnant and horrific, they neglect to realize that what they are actually seeing is how repugnant and horrific they are. You cannot escape your reality, and so people try to do so by denying it. In so doing, they seal their doom.
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